Xcom 285 week 9 final project business writing portfolio

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Xcom 285 week 9 final project business writing portfolio

Yahtzee reviews Hob and A Hat in Time. Transcript Edit Okay, Yahtzee, you can do this. One more week before the big releases start; then you can stop pretending anyone gives a shit about indie ga- Oh, hello there, viewers!

I noticed that Steam has had another bountiful week of dry-looking strategy games and upbeat cartoon pornography ; let's look at a couple of games that were neither of those things and so leapt out at me like a half-killed grasshopper from the mouth of an unwarrantedly self-satisfied cat!

Hob was the first, a minimalist-but-effective name bringing to mind folklore, gas cookers, and popular brands of oat biscuit. It's a hack-and-slash-y, explore-y sort of thing with something halfway between a top-down and isometric viewpoint, like the camera's glued to a drunk seagull.

It was recommended to me because "Ooh, Yahtzee, we know how much you like your atmospheric exploration games and your dialogue-free storytelling. The premise of Hob is, you're one of those mysterious wanderer-types wearing a red hood and a cloak because don't they fucking always, and you're following around Bastion from Overwatch who seems to think it's jolly important that you run around a ruined city turning all the lights back on.

What are we, the fucking caretakers? A jobbing door-to-door electrician business? With no dialogue, we might as well assume as much. Hob does do a good job of executing what it sets out to do: Don't misunderstand me, Hob-- "It sounds like you think I'm boring, Yahtz.

Yes, it's well put together, has probably added some impressive stuff from the concept artist's portfolio, and would probably take home the "Ooh, Bless Them, Aren't They're Trying So Hard Best Indie Game Award" from a regional game dev convention. But haven't we been here many times before?

Maybe I'd get enough sense of "lonely atmosphere" from looking at my social calendar. So I also downloaded another game later in the week that had some ominous red flags about it called A Hat in Time. Firstly, the title's rubbish! Just saying the words feels like I'm biting down on the side of a plastic cup.

Also, it's a Kickstarted project that pledges to evoke the spirit of retro 3D platformers, and that rang particular alarm bells, which sounded like this: A Hat in Time is about a rather-alarmingly unsupervised little girl in a series of hats exploring a fantastic world of adventure to find fuel for her spaceship.

Since she starts the game in bed, probably safe to assume this is all a dream, or perhaps that she's descending into fantasy in the last few moments of brain activity before dying of starvation or neglect in a forgotten hospital basement.

Blimey, that was uncalled for, and completely contrary to the spirit of A Hat in Time, which is nice and lively and upbeat, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Which came as a relief, 'cause you may recall last weekI was concerned that only liking miserable, violent games was flagging me as a candidate to be reprogrammed by the C.

A Hat in Time cites Super Mario Sunshine as an influence, and that's pretty clear from how you repeatedly go to big hub levels to attempt different challenges, the nuanced platforming mechanics that starts with a jump and turns into a double-jump, a dive, a wall-run, denial, bargaining, and finally, acceptance that we're going to have to fall into the lava now.

It's even got those pure-platforming interlude levels that Mario Sunshine had that are like we've dropped acid and stuck our head in a bucket of Duplo. But A Hat in Time also can't seem to hold a single idea in its head for very long; we establish the Mario Sunshine tribute in the first hub worldbut then it throws its toys out of the pram and goes, "I'm bored!

I want to do a tightly-scripted intrigue set in a movie studio for owls that's closer in tone to something from a Paper Mario game. I want to do some horror out of fucking nowhere! No, wait, I want to do a free-roam-y platforming world as well! But it succeeds where Yooka-Laylee failed because it keeps the pace up and has some decent funny writing that can be self-aware without having to constantly suck its own dick for being so clever, and physically flexible.

The first obvious comparison between Hob and A Hat in Time is that both of them seem to treat standard combat like some unwanted dullard colleague who reliably brings the mood down at every fucking office party, but they have to keep him around because he knows the Wi-Fi password.

In Hatty Time, it's just a matter of pressing the "Homing Attack" button whenever something waddles up wanting to start something, and in Hob, you just get set upon by nearby wildlife on your way to pressing the next button. For you see, that's what the core mechanic of Hob appears to be: It's like trying to bring off a lady in a pitch-black room wearing very complicated underpants.

Hatty Boom Batty isn't above having a lot of missions where the goal is "go to the place and get the thing". In fact, when you need to find four hidden keys for a door or whatever, the game just gives you a bunch of glowing lines leading to directly where they are, just in case you were worried there'd be an ounce of challenge involved.We write high-quality sample essays, term papers, research papers, thesis papers, dissertations, book reviews,nbook reports, speeches, assignments, business papers and custom web content Homework Lance Online Homework Help.

Fawcett, Evergreen 9/e STUDENT ANSWER KEY UNIT 1 Getting Started CHAPTER 1 Exploring the Writing Process Practice 1 (p. 4) Answers will vary.

Practice 2 (p. 4) Answers will vary. One week before the party, I selected clothes I feel comfortable in to wear to the party. / On my way to the party, I rehearsed some conversation topics.

Course Name Financial Planning for Wealth Management Course Number(s) ACC , FIN , ACC K Final project (10%) Professionalism; described below (10%) instructor in writing during the first week of class.

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xcom 285 week 9 final project business writing portfolio

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