Violent films essay

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Violent films essay

Should we let our kids watch violent films?

Violent films essay

And if we do, will we ruin them forever? As one of the VHS generation, I had relatively easy access to violent films — and at a time when they really were violent.

Back then, it was worn as a badge of honour in the playground: I have never yet felt the need to chainsaw massacre anyone or gob pea soup at the vicar.

The common argument is that violent media is somehow dangerous, that it breeds or creates an unbalanced perspective of real-life violence. This is, for the want of a more academic-sounding term, utter nonsense — an ultraconservative means of distracting from the real reason why horrific violence happens.

But I believe people — yes, even children — are perfectly capable of distinguishing between play-acting and real, frightening violence.

Now, as a father, I have a dilemma. I do, however, allow my son to watch some films that others would call too violent or scary for a two-year-old I know this from the way other parents look at me when the subject comes up. These films include Ghostbusters and the Jurassic Park films, which I allow him to watch for the following reasons: And what about other, more socially acceptable forms of violent media?

Or what about the news, with its almost daily broadcast of graphic war-zone imagery?

Violent films essay

Or even Tom and Jerry? Commonsense should prevail, but we should consider how our kids are exposed to violence on many different levels.

We should be afraid not of on-screen violence, but of not taking about it.Speculation as to the causes of the recent mass shooting at a Batman movie screening in Colorado has reignited debates in the psychiatric community about media violence and its effects on human behavior.

French in his book "Screen Violent" stated that "since the turn of the century, violence closely followed by sex has been the most controversial and emotive aspect of the movies" (French , p.4).

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To what extent do you agree or disagree with this issue? Essays on violence in films Clearly though i love david cronenberg's films, and informational films.

Researchers were viewed video games and even children the most affordable price secure college game violence in films.

Violent Films and Links to Aggression Social psychology theorizes that prolonged exposure to television and films is having a very noticeable effect on the generations of people growing up in front of the television.

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