The source of happy ending

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The source of happy ending

With Happy Endings -- the group's second album, following their debut Meat and Candy by two years -- Old Dominion emphasize their light touch with the melodic mainstream, crafting an album so tuneful and supple it feels designed to slide onto adult-oriented playlists anywhere from the glory days of Urban Cowboy to the present day.

The source of happy ending

Thanks to producer Shane McAnallythe album firmly belongs in the latter camp -- it has a pleasant digital sheen, filled with little percolating details -- but the songcraft of this writing collective is so strong, it's not hard to imagine the individual tunes appearing at other points in Music City history.

For instance, if the breezy "Shoe Shopping" had an analog makeover, it could be played on country-pop radio at the dawn of the '80s and "New York at Night" is majestic enough to suggest sky-scraping adult contemporary anthems of the '90s.

The source of happy ending

Old Dominion cleverly thread modern themes -- not to mention the occasional targeted profanity -- into their songs, so their tales of heartache and love feel fresh and also specific.

Images of text bubbles, ruined jeans, and a forgotten hotel give the songs a contemporary feel that nicely complements the classicist construction. Since Happy Endings flows so easily, it may be easy to glide along with its slick surfaces, but a close listen reveals not only the sturdiness of the songs but the cleverness of the production -- and, if anybody is still doubting the smarts behind Old Dominion and McAnallythey close the proceedings with a live cut called "Can't Get You.Since debuting in , Tyler Perry’s Madea character has appeared in dozens of films, plays, and television appearances.

But in , exactly 20 years after audiences first met the tough. 5 days ago · “Scenario” Being one of the most popular songs on A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory album, Phife Dawg’s opening verse is one that rings in the ears of many rap fans.

Fortunately, it seems Minh and Truc got their happy ending after all! During a recent interview with NextShark, Anh Tran confirmed that the women got back together after the show and are in a.

Immigrant girl in viral audio reunited with mother wants 'happy ending' for other children.

Barcelona transfer news: Blaugrana's hijacking of Malcom could still have happy ending |

The migrant girl, whose cries for help captured the nation's attention, has been reunited with her mother. The Source of Happy Ending The prince took the princess to the great castle; they got married and lived happily ever after; everyone was very happy. An orphan boy had gone through 30 years of suffering, finally found his lost parents.

The Big Bang Theory is ending, and just like most viewers Mayim Bialik isn't happy about it. The CBS comedy will end after the upcoming 12th season, the network and producers Warner Bros. TV and.

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