Success factors of selected beauty salon

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Success factors of selected beauty salon

Advertisement As we spoke, I realized that she had an amazing story to tell and asked her whether I could take notes. Hers was a compelling vision of an integrated marketing and client-service approach that any business—not just other retailers—would do well to emulate.

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I originally discovered Davis Hairdressing on Yelp, a social-networking site. I was searching for an emergency solution. I called Davis Hairdressing on a Sunday, planning to leave a message. To my surprise, someone answered the phone and asked whether I would like to come in that day or Monday—both days that beauty salons in the area are typically closed.

When I inquired about the price, the receptionist said different stylists charge different amounts, so I scheduled an appointment with one of the less-expensive hairdressers. To my delight, the stylist was the one whom the Yelp reviewer had praised.

As a marketer, I was impressed by the brilliance of that move.

Success factors of selected beauty salon

Had the salon offered first-time clients discounted services, it may have attracted individuals unwilling to pay the normal prices. Offering a coupon after the first visit, however, would encourage clients who had already demonstrated their willingness to pay full price to come again.

When I commented on that observation, the stylist confirmed that the decision was strategic.

Success factors of selected beauty salon

She said most first-time clients come because their current stylist is unavailable. The owners, knowing it takes time to create a relationship, use the coupon to provide an incentive for satisfied clients to return for another visit. It worked with me.

I felt guilty about "cheating" on the hairdresser who usually did my hair, but the offer gave me pause. After all, my hair looked great, and my hairdresser could have called to let me know she was running late.

Clients who prepay for a certain number of visits get the next visit free.

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Superior client service is no accident Superior client service is no accident. So, how did Davis Hairdressing achieve its success? Through formal classes, role-playing, and on-the-job training, she learned the importance of tailoring every aspect of a business to customer needs and desires.

He was a great hairdresser and she knew what it took to build a business. They combined forces and launched Davis Hairdressing in May Having come from outside the industry, Mary wanted to do something different.

Packaging is key—give clients options "From the beginning," Mary said, "Davis Hairdressing has been all about the customer. To do so, the business encourages employees to work as a team.

The first point of contact is the salon coordinator.But the road to salon success has considerably changed. Yesterday’s salon owner strived to make a good living and be the star in their successful salon.

Today’s salon owner aims to build real value and retire financially independent so they can travel the world and enjoy the fruits of their risk and hard work.

Terry Folawn has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry as a stylist, trainer, manager, and business owner. She has been the owner of The Spa @ Folawn's in San Antonio, Texas, a premier salon and spa, for over 17 years, and a published author. Many salons offer spa services in addition to hair styling in order to entice the customer into purchasing a mini-spa experience.

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See more popular or the latest. prezis. Prezi. Product; Gallery;. Keys to Running a Successful Salon or Spa Business (Part 2) Salon Customer Service and Satisfaction is the Key The success of your salon or day spa will be directly linked to your ability to satisfy your customers.

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There is no better way to retain existing customers than . These international salons have been found through our dealings with many salons around the world or sent in from our salon clients. They represent a selection of salon’s that have bold, fresh, and courageous names which are effective for them in building their identity.

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