Report on e commerce security

Prime time to secure your e-commerce business November 26, 8 Secure your business on Cyber Monday Cyber Monday is the carnival of retailers and consumers. Businesses offer exclusive deals on products and services during this period and shoppers have merry time buying goodies in bulk. However, this is also the time when hackers are active in their business causing security breaches, frauds and what not!

Report on e commerce security

Introduction A recent Trend Micro survey that showed that only "49 percent of small companies view data leakage as a serious threat, while 63 percent were more concerned about viruses. Here is an alarming statistic that all small businesses should be aware of regarding data security leaks.

On November 3,the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse released a report that among other items showed that "80 percent of small businesses that experience a data breach either go bankrupt or have severe financial difficulties within two years.

In the first incident an employee left a company let's call Company Abut the employee's email account was not turned off.

There were no checks setup at Company A to delete employee access email, network, etcand the work email account was being forwarded to the former employee's personal email.

Impact on the industry

While employed with Company A in a sales management role, the employee had setup a competing company, and when the employee left Company A, he continued to receive sales lead emails from Company A's clients.

This continued for several months, and today Company A is having to spend several thousands of dollars in litigation in addition to facing the loss of several key clients. The second incident involved a colleague of mine. Her healthcare provider's office was broken into, and the computer was stolen.

This computer contained the financial and personal information of hundreds of patients. Personal banks accounts were accessed and money was stolen among other things.

Report on e commerce security

When a credit card is breached it is a major inconvenience, but it can be stopped relatively quickly. When a bank account is breached, it becomes a much more difficult issue to deal with and fix.

This business lost the trust of hundreds of patients in addition to putting their financial and personal information at risk. This could have been easily prevented by encrypting the computer, which by the way can also be done for free.

I will reiterate the data leakage statistic This 5 step security plan will be based off similar concepts that you will find in ISO data securityand although it will not be nearly as comprehensive as ISOit will be a strong foundation for protecting your company's assets.

Report on e commerce security

A good rule of thumb is that if it contains client or business proprietary data, then it should be considered an information asset.

Once you have identified your information assets, then you will need to tag and inventory the assets. It can be as simple as using the serial number and description of the asset and inventorying it in an excel spreadsheet to barcoding and tagging each asset and inventorying in a database.

In addition assign an owner, generally a department head, for every asset.

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Classify Information Assets Once you have identified the assets, you need to classify them in a level of importance. Keep your classification system simple with High, Medium, and Low. Assets that contain client information or proprietary company information would obviously have the highest level of importance while assets that contain company marketing information might be given a low classification.

Risk Assessment of Information Assets The final step would be to develop a risk assessment either for each asset class eg. You first need to determine the threat, vulnerability, and impact TVI on each individual asset or class of asset.


The vulnerability is the situation that could lead to this failure.Appvigil’s study, ‘Security Report of Top 50 e-commerce Mobile Apps’, has found that nearly 80% of the 50 apps studied were vulnerable to hacking. Commerce Bank and its affiliated companies take the security of your private information very seriously.

We take many measures to protect your personal information, including the Secure Message Center. The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is a licensing, regulatory and enforcement agency that advances U.S.

national security, foreign policy and economic objectives by ensuring an effective export control and treaty compliance system and by promoting continued U.S. strategic technology leadership and a strong defense industrial base.

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UNCTAD/DTL/STICT//7 1 | P a g e UNCTAD E-Commerce Week "Towards Inclusive E-Commerce" Geneva, Switzerland, April SUMMARY REPORT This is an unedited document. An Experian report has revealed that ecommerce fraud attack rate rose 30% in , the number of victims equals about % of the US population..

According to the most recent data report, there were million reported victims of identity fraud in the rise of ecommerce fraud can be viewed as the last stop on the larger fraud timeline, which often starts with a data breach. BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Upgrade network security, especially to protect e-commerce operations being moved in-house from a hosting company.

OPERATIONAL HURDLE: Providing timely and comprehensive security analysis, scanning and remediation with a small IT staff.

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