Persuasive essay on atheism

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Persuasive essay on atheism

Why Should You Consider Atheism?

Persuasive essay on atheism

This quote from Albert Einstein always comes to mind when I try to convey to others why it is that a lack of God or gods does not make the universe any less meaningful or lackluster, but instead bright with wonder and curiosity.

It is one of many misunderstandings regarding unbelievers, heretics, atheists, agnostics, or whatever Persuasive essay on atheism should want to call those who have come to their own conclusion that they can no longer believe in a particular God or gods. That is right, most atheists were not raised in a family of non-believers.

The vast majority have spent time in churches, attended Sunday school and participated in church events source. They each come to the conclusion, in their own way, that there is too much cognitive dissonance between their own logical perception of their world and reality and the potential for any sort of deity.

To be a non-believer does not mean that a person loses their morals, their understanding of right or wrong. It does not mean that they no longer have passion for their fellows humans nor for causes that benefit those in need.

It does Persuasive essay on atheism mean that they have become any more or less than what they were when they did believe in something else being out there. Most importantly, it does not mean that they have declared war upon any particular church, group, or country.

Atheists and agnostics are people who have chosen to live their lives without God or gods and honestly believe that it is the best way for them to live.

I would like to challenge everyone, regardless of their faith, to consider what non-belief means and why it is a way of living that should be considered. I have heard over and over again that non-believers are always causing trouble for the church and are just as zealous as the fundamentalists they are campaigning against.

However, according to a comprehensive study performed by Christopher Silver with the University of Chattanooga found it is less than one out of six atheists who would fall under this description, most of which have recently been hurt and cut their ties with a particular faith or church.

This study also found that Atheists, much like Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and every other religion, are not made up of one homogenous group but instead can be described as part of sub-sects falling under the umbrella description of religious-nones. The more caustic and argumentative of atheists have begun to claim a new name, anti-theists, meaning against religion or belief.

It is an apt reference to people who often seek out those who do not believe as they do, that there is no God, no pantheon, no creator, and work to convince them that they are wrong. Richard Dawkins, a biologist known more for his role as an antitheist preacher and author, is often held up as what every atheist must be within their hearts.

I argue that nothing could be further from the truth. While men and women like Dawkins may be something of celebrities at conferences and quoted over and over it is not because their words are the only truth, but because their words are often the first glimpses many have of this other way of thinking.

A way of thinking that is outside the teachings of Sunday school and church. For most atheists or agnostics the lack of religion takes up so small a part of their time that it is insignificant source.

Some like to debate their ideas with others but merely as an intellectual exercise. Silver even found a group of atheists who continue to go to church or synagogue because they enjoyed the rituals and community. There are many, many more different variations upon this theme.

There are as many ways to be an atheist or agnostic as there are ways to be a believer. It is truly an amazing example of how many different ways there are to understand and interpret the world.

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Perhaps the most inspiring of things to me is that these non believers do not require some written or spoken code of conduct to know what is right and what is wrong.

This, the question of morals, is perhaps the single greatest conflict between believers and non believers and the greatest obstacle a person who is experiencing a crisis of faith has to overcome if they are going to become a non believer.

This comes from a misunderstanding about how it is that humans develop their morals. Yes, religious teachings help us to establish our morals but it is in much the same way that we learn how to speak. It is a necessity that every child learn what is considered right and wrong within their own society.

An atheist does not need a bible to tell him or her that killing is wrong. They only have to look at the laws of the land to know that it is punished by society.

However, an atheist may be confused by a person who follows the bible, particularly the Old Testament, when there are so many examples where people are murdered and it is considered right in the eyes of God. Why is this okay? An atheist or agnostic may look at this contradiction and declare that at least their concept of morality is consistent.

They do what is right based on an internally consistent and externally approved set of mores and values without having to waver and consider between two different teachings. That is not to say that every person who reads both the New and Old Testaments has trouble deciding which teachings they based their morals on, but it has frequently come up in discussions between peoples of different belief systems.

The question of morality is not the only debate that occurs when people of differing beliefs converse.

Why Should You Consider Atheism? A Persuasive Essay | fae I am supposedly catholic, but I have never really been religious, as my parents never took me to church or forced me to pray. However I did go to a catholic school as my primary school where there was a mass every week and I even got my 1st holy communion done.
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A person who is willing to look at this information and ask how there is one true religion when there are so many potential religions that could be right. Most atheists and agnostics have voiced this as one of the first questions they start asking that leads to their deconversion from religion source.

If a man or woman begins to ask for some sort of proof for why one religion is more right than another they have a lot to look at and ponder.

Persuasive essay on atheism

If there is only one true and right religion and way to believe and any who do not follow that system will be tortured, lose their souls or be stuck as ghosts wandering the world forever when there are millions of people born prior to the establishment of that religion or in parts of the world that have not heard of it or had the chance to hear about it.A persuasive essay is a form of academic writing that is built around a central argument.

These essays are sometimes called argumentative essays because of this. In this category of composition, the writer aims to persuade the reader to accept his or her.

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Atheism - Persuasive Essay I am an atheist, but only just as I was an agnostic for a long time. An agnostic likes the idea of a god, however feels that it can't be proved.

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Philosophy essay on atheism in america