Movie poster writing at the bottom fontainebleau

This poster contains basic information to whet your appetite, there isn't much about the plot and little detail but the face of Bond and the gun are indicators that this is a widespread film that is clearly well known. Therefore the poster doesn't have to be bombarded with information just usually a picture, iconography, the title of the film, the release date and who is starring in it. The title graphics are minimal with the title of the film standing out, but it isn't overly large which is quite surprising, this may be due to the poster being Japanese even though the Bond films are worldwide, the popularity may not be as high in other countries as it is America and Britain. We can see from the poster that Daniel Craig James Bond is the main character in the film as he is dominating the poster.

Movie poster writing at the bottom fontainebleau

movie poster writing at the bottom fontainebleau

I like the typeface because I think it looks classy and professional. The fonts are stylish and are well spaced out, reflecting the usual house style of a movie poster. It also has connotations of spy content due to the bold, capital text that looks as though it has been struck through. I also like the writing at the bottom as it fits in with my chosen style.

Whilst I was going for a simplistic look, there is not enough content to make it look finished. Another major qualm I had was the two images.

Subsequently I kept them separate but they look disjointed and out of place. The pose and stance for my main image is generally what I was going for. The use of direct address and casual body language is the effect I aimed to establish. The secondary image was a typical skyline that I darkened to create a silhouette feel.

The main social group I was looking to represent was a teenage audience, challenging the stereotype that they are lazy by using a teenager as my central protagonist. The audience for my film would be older teens or young adults.

It would not be a 12A classification, contrary to most teen spy thrillers, due to the more violent and mature nature of my content. This subverts typical expectations that the chosen demographic will comply with the age of the main cast.

If I had more time I would work on adding some more text and perhaps another image to fill out the page to make it more engaging and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.Professional Movie Poster: Focusing on ONE theme from the novel, create a visually stimulating and informative poster to encourage passersby to watch the movie (based on Jeannette Walls’s novel).

Potential Themes. Oct 29,  · I also like the writing at the bottom as it fits in with my chosen style. The endorsement from ‘The Times’ also adds to the overall effect, as well as the BBFC rating.

One of the main things I don’t like is the amount of white space. Hey Folks – Red Giant is making a short film, and we need movie posters to use as props in the background of one of the scenes. We love our customers and the work you do, so we want to use movie posters from your projects – Movies you have already made, or movies you hope to someday make.

Apr 28,  · She starts to write a nice saying on a post-it note for a random stranger on campus. This encourages the finder to pass the positivity on by writing at the bottom – Pass it on! Evaluation: We are very pleased how our film turned out.

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