Mobile phones for university students

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Mobile phones for university students

What next for smartphones? Overview The most extraordinary aspect of the mobile phenomenon is that our devices are so much more than just phones for making calls.

For many, they have become the primary point of access to digital and a remote control for life. In the UK, we collectively glance at our smartphones more than one billion times a day. A new survey from Deloitte, of 4, people, from a nationally representative sample, shows how integral mobiles have become in our daily lives, with a particular impact among year olds.

Digital strategists in higher education take note: Unsurprisingly, Apple is this age groups favourite smartphone brand with 43 per cent owning an iPhone compared to 29 per cent of other adults. More surprising is that 45 per cent of year olds told us that they buy the latest devices purely because they like them — not because their existing device is out-of-date — compared to 32 per cent of those aged 25 and above.

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Educational institutions that want to invest in mobile interaction with students should be encouraged by these device preferences. Obviously it means that their apps need to be available for multiple operating systems.

But it also means that students are more likely to own devices that are compatible with the latest app specifications and offer a smooth user experience. Cheaper phones can be great for calls, browsing and messaging but some can be tested when their user is flipping between apps and Mobile phones for university students the tech to its limits.

Universities can make the most of their audience of early adopters. Use among millennials The next differentiating factor is how year olds use their mobile devices.

As many parents will attest, they stand out in their devotion to their smartphones. Almost a fifth told us that they look at their phone immediately after waking — and not just to turn off an alarm — while almost a third check it within five minutes of waking.

Within half an hour of waking up, more than 70 per cent of year olds have looked at their phones.

Mobile phones for university students

By comparison, just ten per cent of people over 25 check their phones straight away and one fifth within five minutes. That compares to just 26 per cent of people in other age groups. And that same level of commitment continues to the end of the day.

Forty-one per cent of year olds look at their phones less than five minutes before shutting their eyes to sleep, and not just to set an alarm. Only 24 per cent of the older age groups show that supreme level of dedication.

Universities that are developing or refreshing their digital strategies may want to be sure that mobile is central to their approach. The age range does not just stand out for how often they use their mobiles — they also stand out for what they do with them.

Our survey suggests that they are much like the wider population when it comes to making phone calls, sending SMS text messages and using emails. However, younger mobile users have been quicker to take up the newer possibilities that their devices offer.

They are more likely to communicate through social networks on the smartphones, use a range of instant messaging services, make video calls and make voice calls over the internet rather than traditional phone systems. They also watch more video on their mobiles than any other age group.

Some 55 per cent of year olds use their smartphones to watch videos like those on YouTube, 21 per cent watch video stories on news apps and 12 per cent stream TV or movies.

They are also marginally more receptive to video advertising. For the wider population, watching video declines with age. For universities, these user trends show how institutions need to look to the forward-edge of mobile use in designing their digital profile, if they want to impress and engage their target audience.

Weight of mobile expectations Finally, the third factor that differentiates year olds is the weight of their mobile expectations. More than any other group, younger people expect to be able to use their mobiles to manage their lives.

For higher education institutions focussed on this age group, that means their digital infrastructure will need to support the latest technologies and platforms. But is also points to opportunities including greater use of mobiles for taking payments and administrative transactions.

Our survey found that younger people are the most comfortable of all age groups with these activities, including online banking.

Mobile phones for university students

Some 48 per cent use their mobile devices to check balances weekly compared to 31 per cent of those over There seems to be a genuine appetite for mobile payments among year olds — when we asked those who had not previously used phones for in-store purchases about the scenarios in which they would find mobile payments beneficial, more than a third said they would it useful to pay for taxis, public transport, parking and buying fast-food by mobile.

The appetite for mobile payments was markedly less in other age groups.Smartphones’ Effects on Academic Performance of Higher Learning Students.

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A Case of Ruaha Catholic University – Iringa, Tanzania of university students and they found that of mobile phones in societies increases, there is a.

Mobile Phone use Amongst Students in a University in Malaysia: Its Correlates and Relationship to Psychological Health Message Service (SMS), MP3 (MPEG-1 . What is the best mobile phone for students in ? Check out the Loved by Students survery results and discover the top 10 today, as voted by you.

University help and courses; Universities and HE colleges; Despite the huge popularity of Android phones, when we asked you 'what mobile phone brand will you buy next?' more than half of. university students when they are purchasing mobile phone or mobile phone related products. Mobile preference decision making was the dependent variable while the factors influencing the decision that is product and brand attributes were the independent variables.

Broadband and Mobile for International Students in the UK If you’ve come to study in the UK you'll find it can be tricky to get your first mobile phone or broadband contract, and the options that are easily accessible can be very expensive.

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