Merck open innovation

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Merck open innovation

Rothaermel prepared this case from public sources. This case is developed for the purpose of class discussion. It not intended to be used for any kind of endorsement, source of data, or depiction of efficient or inefficient management.

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Horbaczewski and Rothaermel, Leaner and more agile. These are the defining characteristics of the new Merck we are continuing to build He worried about the expiration of eminent patents on existing drugs, an empty drug pipeline, an adverse regulatory environment, an increasingly com-petitive marketplace, and a harsh economic climate.

However, Mercks pipeline of potential new drugs seemed to be drying up. In order for Merck to stay competitive, Dr. Turner felt strongly that change was necessary.

Merck needed to innovate. Turner remembered what Dr. Roy Vagelos, former Merck ceo and chairman, had repeatedly told him: Turner knew it was his job to envision a game-changing strategy that would restore Mercks long-term leadership in the pharma-ceutical industry.

He also knew he would need the insights and support of his strategy team to get this monumental task accomplished. That is why he called this meetingto ask the companys strategic leadership to come up with a detailed analysis and set of recommendations to move Merck toward a more innovative future.

He looked around at the faces of his new strategy team, comprised of executives, directors, mid-level managers, and several eager MBA interns, took a deep breath, and determinedly spoke: There is no doubt that innovation is the way forward.

Turner while he patiently explained what he knew they had to do. Merck accounts for about 1 percent of the bio-medical research in the world.

To tap into the remaining 99 percent, we must actively reach out to uni-versities, research institutions, and companies worldwide to bring the best of technology and potential Do Not Copy or PostThis document is authorized for educator review use only by Santosh Rangnekar, at Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee until January Copying or posting is an infringement of copyright.CASE 1 Robin Hood C1 CASE 2 The Movie Industry in (Case A) C3 CASE 17 Merck: Open for Innovation?

Merck open innovation

C CASE 3 The Movie Industry in (Case B) C11 CASE 18 LEGO Group: An Outsourcing Journey C CASE 4 Better World Books: Social . Challenge, merck open innovation event on leveraging digital transformation innovation at the news, nov 28, there are more.

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Alicia Horbaczewski of Merck (GT MBA â10) and Professor Frank T. Rothaermel prepared this case from public sources. This case is developed for the purpose of class discussion.. Feb 15,  · This Case Is About Merck (in ): Open for Innovation?

Get Your Merck (in ): Open for Innovation? Case Solution at "The Innovation Cup really hit the ideal balance between education (for the students) and implementation (generating ideas for Merck and others). The Innovation Cup was an excellent opportunity to network, learn, and grow as a scientist.

Merck open innovation
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