Education is the best investment in our children future

As Gates says, Today, at the end of another century, change is in the air again.

Education is the best investment in our children future

Shows you how to build a wealth plan custom fitted to your unique values, skills, and resources. Discover why you can never pay an advisor enough to put your interests before his own… and what to do about it.

Do you know the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement? You can graduate with a four year degree and learn nothing about personal finance or investing.

Investing In Your Child's Education

Doctors and attorneys can open their own practices without any clue how to read a financial statement. Business owners and investors can remain dangerously ignorant of the tax law. The truth is, financial literacy is the essential skill you must develop if your goal is to build wealth and enjoy financial security.

The best investment you can make is in yourself and your financial education. Here are seven reasons: Provides dividends for life that nobody can ever take from you. Increases your earning potential.

Increases your return on investment.

Stock Market

Improves the quality of your life and finances. Defends your portfolio from unnecessary losses. Provides peace of mind around money. There are no other disadvantages. All you have to do is put out the effort, and a lifetime of benefits is yours for the taking.

Not a very difficult decision, but surprisingly few people make the wise choice. Financial education is one of the great bargains in life: Why you need a wealth plan, not a financial plan.

Which path will you choose? One expert says diversify to reduce risk, and another expert calls it di-worsefying that ensures mediocre results. One expert says the stock market is the key to riches, and another expert tells you more millionaires come from real estate than any other source.

Who can you trust? Each authority speaks as if there is one and only one right answer, yet each financial expert offers differing and often conflicting investment advice. It makes no sense! It drives me nuts when supposed financial experts speak in over-simplified, dogmatic statements as if they have the one right answer.

Even the most basic investment ideas such as buy and hold stocks for the long term are too complex to be adequately explained in a media sound-bite or brief article.5 Smart Ways to Save Money for Your Children they should start saving for future college costs.

"Both of our parents were able to pay for our undergrad education, so we probably want to do a. Education: Best investment for our future I do not think I am alone in thinking that one of the best investments for the future is to invest in our children’s education.

Obviously, education is the best investment that we can make in such a situation. The better educated our students are, the better we will perform economically.

Gates makes a strong case for making new technology part of our investment in education. Best Child Investment Options. Investment for your child is a very crucial step that should be taken after precisely studying market, risks, benefits and all other scenarios of various options available in .

Education is the best investment in our children future

Children see in their parents the past, their parents see in them the future; and if we find more love in the parents for their children than in children for their parents, this is sad but natural. Who does not entertain his hopes more than his recollections.

The Best Future for Your Child: College Savings Strategies as an investment savings account or a prepaid tuition plan. Nearly two-thirds of Americans use regular savings or checking.

Education: Best investment for our future | The Japan Times