Concordia school of graduate studies thesis

MEng thesis and MEng non-thesisboth of which are open to those students who have Bachelor's degrees in engineering, and MSc thesisopen to students with Bachelor's degrees in science and other appropriate non-engineering areas. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies administers the rules and regulations pertaining to these degrees.

Concordia school of graduate studies thesis

Fully-Qualified Applicant This is an applicant who meets all the requirements for admission. Conditional Admission This is an applicant who has an outstanding admission requirement that has not been met.

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In such cases, an offer of admission will be conditional until the presentation of the required documentation indicating the admission requirement has been met is received.

Typically, this is one of the following: Probationary Status Applicants whose academic qualifications are difficult to assess or whose qualifications are marginal for admission to a graduate program may be admitted on a probationary status to a program.

In this case they will be required to pay additional fees. Students who do not achieve the probationary conditions may withdraw voluntarily or failing this, will be required to discontinue. In certain exceptional situations, the academic unit may extend the probationary period with a new set of conditions, agreed to by the student and by the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Visiting Graduate Applicant Graduate students who are registered in a degree program at another university and who are attending the University of Saskatchewan under the terms of an approved exchange agreement are considered exchange students.

Graduate students at participating universities in Western Canada may take courses at the University of Saskatchewan.

Concordia school of graduate studies thesis

Graduate students at other participating universities in Canada may take courses at the University of Saskatchewan through the Canadian University Transfer Agreement CUGTA Form, which must be obtained and signed at the home university, then submitted to the host academic unit at the University of Saskatchewan.

Non-Degree Applicant Applicants qualified to take selected graduate courses, but not working towards a graduate program may be admitted as a non-degree student.

Admission on a non-degree basis does not ensure subsequent admission to a graduate program. Courses taken on a non-degree basis do not necessarily reduce program requirements should the student decide subsequently to apply to a degree program at the University of Saskatchewan.

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No more than six 6 credit units of such courses will be accepted for credit toward a graduate degree. Granting credit for courses taken on a non-degree basis shall affect the time available for degree completion, as the start date of a degree program is the earliest date of registration in a course credited toward the degree requirements.

Those who wish to take graduate courses on a non-degree basis must meet admission requirements submitted through the online application for Non-Degree Admission with application fee, transcripts and language test scores if applicable Admission is valid for 3 academic terms.

Applicants must meet the minimum academic and language proficiency requirements for admission to graduate studies. Applicants must submit the online: Cotutelle Doctoral Program Applicant A cotutelle program is a type of dual degree program, in which a doctoral student is co-supervised by two supervisors, each from a different university, and the student spends time at each institution.

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The student writes one thesis, under the supervision of an advisory committee comprised of members from both universities. Upon completion, the student receives two degrees, each acknowledging that the degree was completed as a dual degree program, noting the partner institution. The minimum admission requirements for the doctoral program must be met.

Concordia school of graduate studies thesis

A Visiting Research Student VRS is enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan to undertake full-time research with a faculty supervisor for a period of no more than twelve 12 months per eighteen 18 month period.Description and advantages of Concordia University's University Studies major, Graduates of the Interdisciplinary Studies program are well prepared to proceed on to graduate school or enter the workforce in a variety of entry-level positions requiring broad training and skills.

[Thesis . Faculty of Graduate Studies Our programs offer an immersive and engaging means to both investigate your chosen field and expand your academic knowledge.

Your graduate education from Brock will prepare you for successful careers and contribute to leading-edge research.

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Welcome to the SGS International Graduate Student Portal! Whether you are considering studying at U of T or are already one of our nearly 5, international graduate students from countries around the globe, this portal will help you prepare, plan, and experience the best that our three campuses have to .

Join us for workshops about dissertation/thesis formatting, graduate level writing, diversity in the classroom, and more! Congratulations Graduates! The Graduate School celebrated Commencement on .

Bishop’s School of Education offers a Master of Education Program in Leadership, Societies and Language (non-thesis), designed to meet academic and professional needs of . The Frank J. Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced studies at Dartmouth offers masters and doctoral degrees across a broad range of programs, including several interdisciplinary programs and doctoral programs connected to the professional schools at Dartmouth.

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