Can i hire someone to write my business plan

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Can i hire someone to write my business plan

Should you hire someone to write your Facebook and Twitter posts?

can i hire someone to write my business plan

During my time on Facebook I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Sometimes I will see five or more law firms post the same exact thing. The firms seem to be located in the same state and normally the post in question is news from that state with a link to a newspaper article.

The posts come one after the other, so they are either being posted automatically or someone is physically going through some kind of list, and then pasting the post over and over again on the walls of these firms.

This time I happened to be working on cleaning up my friend list and so I went to all five of these firms and unfriended them.

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Therefore, if the goal of these posts was to encourage business or interaction, it did the exact opposite. Based on what I am seeing, I believe there is one company responsible for all of these posts.

My guess is that some law firms, all from the same state, have hired this company to create Facebook content. This spam is what they are getting in return for their money. Social media, by its nature, has to be social.

It has to be engaging. It has to be sincere. What is the point of hiring someone if all they are going to do is take the exact same copy and post it on a bunch of Facebook accounts or pages?

This enables you to communicate with your potential clients. Think of it this way. Would you send someone else out to have coffee with a potential client?

You would go yourself, or send one of your younger associates. Since Facebook is just another form of networking, it is best to handle it the way you would any other networking and keep it in house. Simply post something once a week on Facebook and have it automatically post to Twitter.

Number two I understand everyone is busy and adding yet another form of networking, another daily or weekly task can be difficult if not impossible. So there is still a way to have a Facebook and Twitter presence without doing it completely by yourself.

This will require communication with someone from your firm on a somewhat consistent basis. If we take this to the offline world, consider this step being analogous to hiring a solid PR firm that works with you and your firm to create a positive impression of you in the community.

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However, you will have a wall that looks robust, so you will have a presence. So if all you are after is a presence, this will work just fine. Number four Create a Facebook presence and simply treat it like another Website.

In this case have someone who knows what they are doing create a nice looking Facebook page for you. I mean a pleasing welcome page, bios for your attorneys, information about the firm.

Then have the attorneys from your firm recommend the page and encourage their friends to like it. In essence what this creates is a static presence for your firm on Facebook.

By having a robust page, with a lot of information, you are encouraging potential clients to contact you. You might as well not have a Facebook presence at all, because you will end up doing more harm than good by irritating potential clients.

Just create a nice page and forget about the day-to-day engagement. Please make sure it is actually a page, not an account. Accounts are for individuals.

Pages are for companies.

can i hire someone to write my business plan

On Twitter, make sure your Twitter account is well set up with a professional picture of you or your firm, a correctly written bio and appropriate contact information.Hire someone to write a business plan is not talking about aliens, because you choose an objective, followed by writing as simple.

It plans and why write your mission statement. Growth without a business idea without the thought of this type of each.

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Who can i hire to write my business plan

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Oct 29,  · How to Hire a Marketing Consultant. you can hire someone to set up a marketing plan and teach you to run some simple efforts. They can check in weekly, monthly or quarterly to make sure you are on track. 2. Promote yourself and your services to companies that are relevant to your business, or that you know would need your. A business plan can be a blueprint for a successful business and its future. To avoid such future problems, I would like to recommend you to hire any professional business plan consultant to create a business plan according to your business idea and requirement. “Writing a business plan is an ideal way to make sure that everyone on your founding team is aligned with the current and future plans for the business.

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Hiring someone to write for your blog can be a big step. It will help you generate traffic and links for your website, but it can be challenging to find the right person at the right price to .

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