Buy paper shooting targets

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Buy paper shooting targets

The printing procedures for each of the two file formats is different. The detailed instructions below are based on using Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers will print your targets but the procedures may be different.

If you need help, you can Contact Us and we will help you if we can. There are six categories of targets from which to choose. After selecting a category and proceeding to that page, you will see a small view of all of the available targets in that category.

Beside or below each target image will be two buttons. Use these buttons to select the file format that you prefer. Either one will open the file in a new window or tab, ready for printing.

After printing, close the window or tab to return. Either file can also be saved to your computer for future printing or other use. To print, select "File" then "Print Preview" on the menu at the top of the page.

In "Print Preview" you can select the page orientation, for example Portrait or Landscape, and you can toggle the headers and footers off and on. If you do not see these adjustments in "Print Preview", you may need to select "Page Setup" from the file menu for these adjustments.

Buy paper shooting targets

It depends on which version of Internet Explorer you are using. If your target is not centered correctly on the page in "Print Preview", you may need to check the page margins which can be found in "Page Setup".

You can also adjust these margins to move the image around on the page. After saving the file to your computer, you can use any graphics based program to open and print it or you can use Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer to open it or import it as a background allowing you to add text to the file.

After clicking the button labeled "PDF File" the target will open to a printable page. There will be a printer icon in the top left corner. Simply click this icon to print your target. A box will open allowing you to make any necessary adjustments before printing.

To save the PDF target file, there will be an icon next to the printer icon which will let you save the file to your computer.

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When printing the measured grid targets, in addition to the PDF printing instructions above, there is an additional item you will want to make sure is set properly before you print. It is the "Page Scaling" setting in the printer dialog box.

Make sure this is set to "None". If it is set to anything else, the measurements on the gridded targets may not be correct.If you’re still shooting stationary paper targets, you really don’t know what your missing.

Buy paper shooting targets

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Notice: The trap has been repaired and is back in service. BTW it even has a new roof. Members who wish to use the wobble trap must be trained in it's use and issued a key.

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